Character Creation

Starting level:7TH

You are renowned heroes of Golarion. I would like for you to come up with some back story for your character since they are already an established person. Ideas could be an advisor to a ruler of a nation, high ranking pathfinder, high ranking red mantis assassin, Savior of a town or city, slayer of “named’ beast, etc. Also if you could include where your character currently resides and what they might normally do with their time. I want the game to have a realistic feel to it. I know that 7th level doesn’t seem to be the most amazing of adventurers but in my campaign this level will be those of renown just under the greatest in the world,such as kings and queens, who are along the lines of 15th. This game will also involve the deities often so don’t be afraid to follow one (Serenae anyone?).

Keep in mind: Certain aspects of 3.5 will be allowed for use in my campaign. All that I ask is that I am notified when you want to use something from a 3.5 source book so that I may look it over in advance and clear it for play. Most likely it will be allowed. Such as “The Magic Item Compendium”!

Things to use from 3.5: Base classes, Prestige classes, Feats, Magic items, Spells, etc.

Ability Scores: Each character has a pool of 28d6 to assign to his statistics. Before the dice are rolled, the player selects the number of dice to roll for each score, with a minimum of 3d6 for each ability. Once the dice have been assigned, the player rolls each group and totals the result of the three highest dice.

Character Traits: All characters begin play with three traits. There are some additional Traits under this link:Character Traits

Races Allowed: Races

Alignment and Classes: Of course evil alignments may be hard to fit in the game so if we could stay away from those. Also, alignment requirements, such as those for the paladin, can be worked around, as in Paladins must be any lawful and Monks need not be lawful because not every martial artist is.

Prestige Classes: Requirements for prestige classes will be handled and don’t forget to drop all skill rank requirements by three.

Feats: Item creation feats can be used but must be used with my knowledge and xp penalties will play in. Leadership is available upon request, as long as not everyone requests it, but your cohort will have its class chosen by me(to fill in a missing role) leaving you to create the rest of the character. Your cohort will also be treated as an NPC, just like in the description of the feat. You may control your cohort in battle and its rolls for things but its actual input will be that of an NPC. You will also be allowed to get followers which will be treated the same as the cohort.

Starting Wealth: 20,000 gp (No one item above 8,000) I would like to know your character class and concept before you delve into the spending of items. Also, don’t forget this is a home game in which weight and many mundane items will be of use. (No bags of holding or similar items)Sorry.

Thats all there is so have fun creating your character!


Character Creation

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